What is T2S

TARGET2-Securities (T2S) is a European initiative, coordinated by the European Central Bank (ECB), to establish a single platform for the settlement of securities. T2S aims to improve the efficiency and safety of securities settlement by providing harmonised Delivery-versus-Payment (DvP) settlement in central bank money on a real-time gross basis.

The T2S specifications in MyStandards

T2S has 130 messages – including existing ISO 20022 messages, messages developed at the initiation of T2S which can be reused by the global community for other purposes, and messages for use in T2S only – all of which have T2S specific usage guidelines. The T2S specific guidelines are published in MyStandards and users can get access to the guidelines by simple request. Premium users are enabled to reuse them and define their own T2S specifications.

MyStandards Readiness Portal for T2S

The MyStandards Readiness Portal for T2S is a solution for Directly Connected Actors that simplifies application testing and enables T2S Readiness. This web application provides a user-friendly validation service that is integrated with the T2S documentation, monitoring tools and pre-configured scenarios for simulation. You can find more information on the MyStandards Readiness Portal for T2S product page.