The standards landscape

An inefficient standards landscape

It is clear to everyone that standards are delivering massive industry benefits. At the same time, a series of inefficiencies related to their creation, management and consumption are plaguing the industry with yearly costs reaching hundreds of millions year after year.

First of all, sometimes, just finding the information can be a challenge. We keep on hearing about projects that were derailed just because the input specifications were not the latest version or the right flavour. More likely, the information that you will have will be incomplete or ambiguous, resulting in additional iterations and risks of errors.

Despite the massive benefits provided by global standards, the standards landscape is still fragmented because of all of the constraints of local regulations or inefficiencies of back-office systems and managing the diversity is a real challenge. What do you need to implement to support a new market? Why are different subsidiaries using different specifications? These are some of the questions that are being constantly raised.

Year after year, standards evolve to accommodate new requirements and the industry impact is huge. Managing change, such as implementing the Standards Release, continues to be a challenge.

Last but not least, guaranteeing consistency between documentation and implementation, or in other words, aligning business and IT, is far from a trivial endeavour and comes with its own risks and costs.

The time was ripe to come up with an industry-level solution for these challenges.