MyStandards – standards made simple

A complex business

The Securities business is intrinsically complex and standarization has been critical in increasing STP in the industry.

While the global standardization efforts behind the SWIFT MT standards and more recently the ISO 20022 specifications have brought costs down significantly in the payments domain, there remains a lot of variations across markets, financial instruments and financial institutions. These are caused by a combination of local market regulation, constraints of back-office systems or commercial strategies of the financial institutions.

MyStandards makes it possible to bring everyone to the same page, not by creating "one size fits all" message definitions but by making sure everyone is documenting their variations consistently.

This is driving down onboarding and integration costs by standardizing the implementation processes.


Corporate actions

The complexity of corporate actions is that a few message formats are used to cover a multitude of events. In order increase STP, one has to get a clear understanding of the data payloads that apply to all these corporate action events. To add to the complexity, there are additional differences acros countries and across industry actors. The Securities Market Practice Group has achieved great standardization results by publishing the Event Interpretation Grid, a resource describing which fields need to be populated in which scenario.

MyStandards makes it possible to consume this information easily and to define properly what your organisation is supporting.


The Funds Migration to ISO 20022 is clearly an industry topic and there are a lot of needs for better automation across the value chain. Automation starts by the clear understanding of exchange formats and MyStandards is the primary resource for defining, communicating and testing against those formats.

Whether you are a transfer agent, an intermediary or a distributor, you can benefit from the premium license of MyStandards and increase the automation of your processing chain. The Readiness Portal will also help you to contain your onboarding costs.

Settlement and Reconciliation

While this business area can boast high standardization and rates of STP, the yearly Standards Release is introducing changes that need to be understood and implemented. In Europe, this area is being impacted dramatically by TARGET2-Securities and MyStandards and associated products are helping the industry on that journey.