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MT Standards Release Portal 23 May 2016 Information
What is MyStandards? 2015 Extra
MyStandards in a nutshell 2014 Download

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Versioning of collections January 2017 Download
Metadata December 2016 Download
Change Request Forum September 2016 Download
Publisher Tooling September 2016 Download
Batch Operations September 2016 Download
Managing your Group homepage April 2016 Download
Annual Standards Release made easier with MyStandards April 2016 Download
ISO20022 Harmonisation with MyStandards April 2016 Download
A tour of MyStandards 2.0 January 2016 Download
Customizing market practice content January 2016 Download
Supplementary Data / Extensions January 2016 Download
Documentation Explained 6 May 2015 Download
Usage Guideline Migration 2015 Download
Using Templates in the UGE 2015 Download
Creating Formal Rules 2015 Download
My Group Configuration 2014 Download
Delta Analysis Explained 2014 Download
Managed Communities Explained 2014 Download

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