Here is the list of planned and past releases which represent the concrete evolution of the platform and gives a view on the next iterations.

MyStandards v2.1: Versioning (Q4 2016)

Usage guidelines change over time and providing an easy way for both content publishers and consumers to manage this change is a critical platform concern.

This release addresses two different sets of requirements:

  • From a content creation point of view, it makes it possible to manage technical versions as you are performing the content creation work
  • From a consumption point of view, it offers a very clean way to understand both the life-cycle of the services (i.e. what you are providing to the market, the live and upcoming versions) and of the guidelines (drafts, versions for approval, final versions).

MyStandards v2.1: Batch Operations (July 2016)

As usage of the MyStandards platform intensifies, the need for performing repetitive tasks efficiently becomes more acute. The Batch Operations release will provide capabilities to execute a series of actions in one click. For example, any user will be able to export documentation for multiple guidelines at the same time. The main focus however will be in making the life of the publishers and portal publishers simpler: maintenance operations on usage guidelines will become smoother and managing a large number of portals will become much simpler. 

MyStandards v2.1 Batch Operations Release Note.

MyStandards v2.0: End-User Experience (Dec 2015)

The major theme of this release is to improve the consumer experience, making it easier for users to find content through a better search mechanism and improved entry-points.

This includes the introduction of contextualised help which will ensure that users benefit from guided explanations at the appropriate time when using the platform.

In addition, integration with existing infrastructures will be further enhanced by expanding the Single Sign-On capability to the Readiness Portal, streamlining access for many end-users.

More MyStandards v2.0 details.

Small enhancements release (August 2015)

We recently deployed a couple of small enhancements to MyStandards, mostly related to the Readiness Portal. These small enhancements offer more flexibility when defining your formal rules and managing your portals. We also added a BI report to the Readiness Portal, providing you with an overview of the portal usage over time.

Benefiting from the Formal Rules enhancements require at least the version of the Usage Guideline Editor. You can find the latest version of the editors on the usual page in MyStandards.

Small enhancements Realease Note

MyStandards V1.7: Documentation (May 2015)

A strong message from our community, especially audible during the User Group Event held in NYC in March, and in La Hulpe in October, is that documentation outputs, Excel and PDF, remain highly important now and in the future. There is no indication that this will change.

As such, we will be deep-diving into documentation to see how we can give more control to our customers to adjust the output according to the target audience, while still guaranteeing a consistent user experience.

Customer consultation will continue throughout 2014, using mock-ups, to ensure that the roll-out starting in Q1 2015 will meet expectations

MyStandards V1.7 Release Note.

Readiness Portal v1.5: Custom rules (Dec 2014)

Enabling the creation of testable cross-element rules in a MT or ISO20022 message.

More Readiness Portal v1.5 details.

MyStandards v1.6: Business intelligence and notification release (3 June 2014)

Supporting a pro-active and informed user service model by, for example, enabling push notifications to be triggered on certain events, providing activity overviews, providing improved technical access to content.

More MyStandards v1.6 details.

MyStandards v1.5: Standards release management (31 Dec 2013)

Providing additional functionality to simplify the Standards Release Analysis and Implementation based on the first year of usage.

More MyStandards v1.5 details.

MyStandards v1.4: Community release (13 Aug 2013)

Creating an intuitive user experience and enabling easy access to content by, for example, guiding users and exposing information in a logical way, improving layout and highlighting key features, reducing administrative overheads.

MyStandards v1.3: Document output update (28 Mar 2013)

This release further builds on the core value of MyStandards as a publishing platform. The PDF and Excel outputs have been enhanced to increase the overall quality and clarity of the documentation.