Shaping a new world together

The MyStandards Ecosystem

MyStandards is taking an industry-wide approach at solving the standards management challenges and is set to have a disruptive impact on the definition and consumption of  messaging formats.  It is shaping up as an ecosystem where specifications providers and implementers can establish common ground and where partners providing solutions in this space can take advantage of the harmonisation taking place. Now is the time to start thinking about what the world will look like when MyStandards has fully realised its promise. Will you be able to take advantage of this self-maintained mass of structured information? Can you provide value on top?  Get in touch to discuss partnership opportunities.

A repository of specifications

The first partner opportunity is to consider MyStandards as an industry repository of formal and consistent specifications. Across the industry, many vendors are maintaining their own libraries. The MyStandards Base Libraries have already standardized this content for many years for the Base Standards (MT and ISO 20022) leading to the replacement of proprietary libraries by this industry resource.

The promise of MyStandards is to bring that to the next level. Whether you need to consume market practice or the implemtation guidelines of a specific counterparty, you will find them on MyStandards. They will be up to date as they will be maintained by their publisher so you are guaranteed to always use the latest version and won't incur any cost to update your libraries when something changes.

The amount of shared guidelines on MyStandards is increasing fast (over 500 new guidelines have been defined and shared between November 2013 and January 2014 for example) so it is high time to think of how to take advantage of having all industry specifications at your fingertips.

Not just the specifications

MyStandards is not just a repository of specifications, it comes together with a set of features that can really streamline standards library management:

  • Discover in a few clicks what you need to do if you want to serve a new market or a new customer.
  • Simplify significantly the maintenance of your format libraries with the powerful version comparison and migration capabilities.
  • Get the right information for each profile: specifications area maintained in complete models that keep consistency between business documentation and machine-readable formats.
  • Collaborate with your counterparties, answer to RFPs, exchange information securely, establish the standards foundation for partnerships.
  • Test against your counterparties or prospect's specific formats with the Readiness Portal.