New ‘Change Request Forum’ is now available to enhance the standards maintenance process

Following our first announcement in April, we are pleased to inform you that the Change Request Forum (CRF), a new collaborative platform for MT standards change requests, is now available here on MyStandards.


Each year, the annual MT standards maintenance process invites the community to request formal changes to the MT messages. Ideally, these change requests (CRs) are subject to communication, dissemination, consultation and gathering of feedback from the global Standards community, before the final decision is made to adopt, or reject it.

Historically, this process has been organised using email, which has made it difficult to reach everyone in the community that might have an interest. Both SWIFT and the user community recognise that information-sharing and feedback process would be improved by using a central, common, collaborative platform.

In response, SWIFT is pleased to announce the ‘Change Request Forum’ as a new, free of charge, feature of MyStandards. The Change Request Froum gives our community an additional option to view change requests, besides the usual email communications.

The Change Request Forum contains details of 2017 MT Standards Release Change Requests, to which you are now welcome to add your reactions, comments, questions and thoughts, and to endorse comments that have been made by others.

Introductory video

Please also have a look at the following documents to find out more:

We hope you will enjoy the new experience on CRF. If you have any questions, please email us at