MyStandards MT Standards Release Portal

The Standards Release made simple


The mandatory annual updates to the MT messages impact a critical part of many organisations. Unfortunately it remains challenging to have a clear understanding of what is changing, how it affects you, and ensuring the infrastructure and back office is updated correctly.

As part of the full MyStandards and Readiness Portal Premium license access is given to the toolset necessary to support and streamline this annual activity.


The MyStandards MT Standard Release Portal bundles together, into a single product, the two key features needed to streamline the annual standards release workload.

Subscribers can:

  1. Validate messages on a secure website hosted by SWIFT, giving full independence and flexibility during the test cycles.
  2. Use the version comparison feature to intuitively explore what has changed between standards releases, including the business reasoning behind.

Important to note is that this is hosted on the MyStandards internet platform which requires just your email address to use.


Dedicated Test Facilities

Easily accessible test portals allow users to validate messages against the current (for example SR 2015 MT 564) and next (for example SR 2016 MT 564) standards release. The resulting validation report provides insights highlighting the areas requiring further attention.

Business Context Analysis

The version comparison feature enables users to discover the business reasoning behind every change. The analysis is available at the click of a button and the intuitive results interface guides users to focus on just the relevant changes.