What is MyStandards?


because of the simplification it brings.

A helicopter view

MyStandards is a collaborative Web application used to manage standards definitions and industry usage more efficiently, driving community-wide harmonisation and convergence.

Content and features are the two sides of the MyStandard coin.

Content explored

MyStandards' automated feature set is made possible by having clear and semantically valuable content as input.

The platform centralises and streamlines standards release and market practice management by storing all data in a formal and structured way. This is an important step which enables buildig a rich feature set driven by this high quality data (FACT criteria explained).

The MyStandards Usage Guideline Editor (UGE) is an off-line application that makes it possible for organisations to define and maintain their own content. This, combined with the pre-loaded base standards, means the platform is the catalyst for industry-wide content quality improvements.

Features explained

Creative new approaches through co-creation with customers has resulted in MyStandards being able to provide a variety of time-saving and one-of-a-kind capabilities.

  • Consumption: Industry specifications are available centrally and can be easily browsed on-line, or downloaded as PDF, Excel or XML Schema.
  • Management: Internal management of specifications and co-ordination between (global) teams is facilitated through easy content maintenance and advanced delta analysis capabilities.
  • Publishing: Sharing specifications in a controlled way with counterparties combined with an excellent user experience.

Subscribing to the vision

Involving the customers from the very beginning and building a close, privileged relationship has allowed us to deliver a product which solves real problems and is truly relevant to the financial industry.

taking us into the 21st century of client documentation.