The freemium Model

MyStandards is available as a "freemium service", with a freely available Basic service and a payable subscription license for the Premium service. The basic license level covers the browsing of base standards (MT and MX), as well as public and shared usage guidelines, PDF generation and commenting. The premium license level provides access to advanced features, such as the analytical framework, creation of usage guidelines, spreadsheet documentation, machine-readable outputs and the MyStandards Base Libraries.

As an individual

You can register to MyStandards free of charge just by providing a valid e-mail address. You don't need to be a SWIFT customer to do so. This gives you access to all the public content as well as to all the guidelines that publishers have shared with you.

If your employer has already licensed MyStandards, you can join their group on the platform and benefit from its license. Otherwise, you can remain unaffiliated and use all the basic features of MyStandards for as long as you please.

Basic & premium features

As a financial institution, market infrastructure or corporate

You can license MyStandards for your organisation and grant all your employees access to the premium features. This provides you with the opportunity to create your own front store on MyStandards and a dedicated organisation home page. Joining the MyStandards premium community gives you and your organisation access to a wide range of activities such as User Group events, Premium training sessions and Monthly Dialogue sessions.

As a business partner

MyStandards is shaping up as the keystone of a significant ecosystem and we are very keen to work with business partners in doing so. At the moment however, we only have standard licensing options for the MyStandards Base Libraries.

Please visit our Partners page for more details on how you can engage at this stage.

As a market practice group

As part of the industry transformation aspect of MyStandards, we are encouraging adoption by providing Market Practice Groups with a free access to some of the premium features under a set of conditions. To qualify for an MPG licence, SWIFT will evaluate, at its discretion, if the group meets the following criteria:

  • The main purpose of the group is to define harmonised and aligned practice/use of base standards and promote such guidelines to the broader financial community.
  • The group is not for profit.
  • The group has neither the ability nor the intent to deploy a service into the market that is based on the published content.
  • The group itself does not implement the market practices that it has defined.
  • The group agrees to use MyStandards as a primary source of publication of content in the community.

Groups that do not meet the above criteria may apply for a Premium group level license.

Market Practice groups may opt for a (payable) distribution license to allow any user to download their Usage Guidelines as XML Schemas.

Other products in the suite

The MyStandards Base Libraries (that provide machine-readable formats for the base standards) are included in the MyStandards Premium license but also available separately.

The MyStandards Readiness Portal simplifies customer on-boarding and migration by providing customer-facing standards testing capabilities. This is available as an additional subscription to MyStandards.

The MyStandards Readiness Portal for T2S targeted at Directly Connected Actors that need to implement T2S is also available as a separate license.Please have a look at the Product catalog for more information.